When I first got the game Minecraft I was so happy. The best thing about it is that you can go on multiplayer and play mini games on it. The mini game I like the best is called turf wars. The rules is that both teams have a turf and you can’t cross it. You have to shoot arrows to one shot people. Whenever you kill someone your turf gets bigger. The way you win is that your turf gets all the way to your base. When I played Minecraft today, I played turf wars. I only played 3 days so I lost a lot of times. But at the end when I played the last game of turf wars my team won because of me. My turf was all most at the end when I shot at a moving person and I killed him. I was so happy because I had finally won. I had to stop because I had to eat dinner. But it was the best round ever! I reccomend you playing turf wars.