Today I went to church. I was a little late so I couldn’t have the whole praise. After I finished praising I ate lunch. I ate noodles. I was very hungry so I ate it in 5 minutes. After i was done eating i went upstairs to play ping-pong. I went against a 6th grader and i was better than him. This was because I took lessons and he was just starting to learn. Even though I was better than him, he said that he was the best at ping-pong. We had a game and I lost 10-11 because he kept on messing up the scores and cheating. I was going to do another game but my dad called me and I had to leave. When I watched a funny show that was made by Korean people. It was called gag concert. It was so funny at one part that I couldn’t breath. All the fun ended when I had to eat dinner.