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Why Like


I am am I fifth grader that lives in New Jersey. I experience Korean and English culture and I have Korean mom and dad. I heard that the kids my age are eager to speak English well. Thanks to my mom and dad, I don’t need to worry about those kind of things. I made this website for kids in Korea that want to learn English through the Internet. I welcome you to the English world!

The AD

Today I finally finished the ad that I had been working on for a few days. It turned out really great. It was all fancy and it was really cool. I made the ad by recording a speechless video and picking certain parts of the video and pasting it on a app called imovies. Imovies was a app that can make trailers out of videos you record. I was really proud of myself for making the ad. When I saw it on screen it was really awesome.

왜 Like 인가?


저는 미국 뉴저지 주에 사는 5학년 최준영이라고 합니다. 저는 한국인 엄마 아빠와 함께 한국문화와 미국문화를 동시에 접하면서 생할하고 있습니다.

엄마, 아빠로 부터 한국에 사는 저와 비슷한 나이의 친구들은 영어라고 하는  많은 고민을 안고 생활 한다는 소리를 들었습니다. 다행히 저는 엄마, 아빠 덕분에  그런 문제 없이 재미 있게 생활하고 있습니다.  이 사이트 는 한국에 사는 재 또래의 친구들에게 저와 같이 인터넷이라고 하는 가상 공간을 통해 놀면서 영어를 재미있게 배우기 위해 만들었습니다.

제가 좋아 하는 것, 한국 친구들도 관심을 가지고  저랑 재미 있는 영어의 세계로 가봐요.

Khan Academy

In khan academy, I learn how to program with computers. This is where I learn how to make a object move or make a animation. I get lessons from this website and it helps a lot. It taught me how to program a game or even make my own website. It does not only teach programing but it teaches me how to do math or even how to learn vocabulary in a easy way. I really think that you guys should take lessons from the website Khan Academy.

The Best Game Ever!

Today I found a really good game. It is called pixel gun 3D. It doesn’t have any blood in it but it is kind of violent. When I first got it, I got it because a friend recommended it to me. When I first saw it, I thought that it would be really bad. When I played one round, I was horrible. On the second round I got kind of used to it and I got better. I kind of liked it even more on the second try. On the third try, it got interesting. I was using the sniper and I shot a target. I was really happy that I had finally hit a target. Later I found out that the object of the game was to shoot as much targets as possible. I really recommend playing this game.

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