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Today I went to church. I was a little late so I couldn’t have the whole praise. After I finished praising I ate lunch. I ate noodles. I was very hungry so I ate it in 5 minutes. After i was done eating i went upstairs to play ping-pong. I went against a 6th grader and i was better than him. This was because I took lessons and he was just starting to learn. Even though I was better than him, he said that he was the best at ping-pong. We had a game and I lost 10-11 because he kept on messing up the scores and cheating. I was going to do another game but my dad called me and I had to leave. When I watched a funny show that was made by Korean people. It was called gag concert. It was so funny at one part that I couldn’t breath. All the fun ended when I had to eat dinner.

Woodcrest Carnival

imageToday I went to my school carnival. I was going there because I was going to upload pictures of it. I decided to play for 20 minutes. I played a lot of games with my friends. I played a throwing game with my friends and I was bossing it like crazy! I think I was good at throwing because I played baseball. There was a bowling game too but I was to weak and I was bad at it. Even though I was bad at I kept on trying and finally I got a strike! I was really sad when I heard that I abs to leave but I had fun. My friend wanted me to stay but I said I had to leave.



Philadelphia Boys Choir

Today I went to have a practice with my boys choir. Since we already had our big concert, we got to learn new songs. We practiced 3 new songs and it sounded really good. I went to rehearse with my friend Justin because we carpool. When we sang their was three parts. There was soprano, alto, and on other thing I forget. When we finished we all went home and got rest. I was a soprano but now I changed to alto middle.

New Shoes

Today I finally got my new shoes. They were red, black, and orange. The soles of the shows looked cool. I figured out that I had got them after I came home from school. When I tried running with them, they felt pretty comfortable. My old shoes were really worn out and water gets inside but these a shoes were water proof and they were really cool. Today was gym and when I tried them out, they made me run faster because the soles hook the ground and gives me a boost. My old shoes were all black but my new shoes had really cool colors. I think that these shoes were really good.



When I first got the game Minecraft I was so happy. The best thing about it is that you can go on multiplayer and play mini games on it. The mini game I like the best is called turf wars. The rules is that both teams have a turf and you can’t cross it. You have to shoot arrows to one shot people. Whenever you kill someone your turf gets bigger. The way you win is that your turf gets all the way to your base. When I played Minecraft today, I played turf wars. I only played 3 days so I lost a lot of times. But at the end when I played the last game of turf wars my team won because of me. My turf was all most at the end when I shot at a moving person and I killed him. I was so happy because I had finally won. I had to stop because I had to eat dinner. But it was the best round ever! I reccomend you playing turf wars.

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